P2P Messaging

Our reliable platform delivers your messages seamlessly where you want them to go

Impact Global Mobility Solutions’ inter-carrier P2P SMS/MMS solution is one of the most reliable SMS/MMS platforms available. It is quickly scalable and features fully redundant servers, which eliminates any single point of failure.

Impact Global Mobility Solutions enables text messaging interoperability for fixed-line, VoIP, cable, and mobile operators, seamlessly across multiple technologies and protocols.

As a GSMA compliant SMS Hub, Impact Global Mobility Solutions provides carriers and service providers with connectivity that reaches over 6 billion SMS users, on networks around the globe. Connect once with Impact Global Mobility Solutions, be connected everywhere. Our cross-technology and cross-protocol functionality meets today’s critical challenges, with the proliferation of new SIP, 3G/4G, GSM, CDMA, LTE, and WiMAX standards and technologies. We are a proven hosted solution that provides high-capacity and reliability, routinely processing and delivering billions of messages to more than 850 operators in over 200 countries on 6 continents, providing access to more than 6 billion subscribers.


Connectivity to 850+ mobile operators (600+ with no MT fees) in 200+ countries with access to more than 6 billion subscribers.

Console Management

Web based tools that are intuitive and easy to use. Ability to query at subscriber level to track reports. Create ad hoc reporting that can be exported to Excel and CSV.


Fault tolerant architecture with non-blocking configuration eliminates single points of failure. Unlimited throughput with 12,000 msgs/sec modules.

Standards Compliant

Supports all relevant standards, including GSMA specs IR70 and IR71, TDMA,CDMA, GSM, WCDMA, CDMA 2000, UMTS and 4G technologies WiMAX and LTE.


Leveraging our multiple server architecture to improve first delivery attempts for messages and industry leading Retry Queue.

Multiple Protocols


Value Proposition and Pricing Options

  • Competitive per Message + Applicable MT Fees
  • Flat-rate messaging to over 600 MNOs included. Access to over 250 additional MNOs (subject to MT Fees)
  • Easily Scalable Managed Service

Benefit to Customers

  • Offer Tiered SMS/MMS volume plans • Enhance existing product
  • Global coverage allowing subscribers to send and receive messages (2-way)
  • Reduce Costs • Expand Coverage • Increase Revenue

System Advantages


First Delivery Attempt (FDA)

  • Lower latency, higher throughput
  • Non-blocking architecture

Fault tolerant system can handle multiple server outages with no impact to message flow

Server can be taken in/out of service with no impact of message flow

Capacity can be added to any modules without impacting messages being processed


Store and forward architecture

  • Requires message persistence, higher latency
  • Use of database or queuing system

High Availability: N+1 redundancy, where system can handle single server outages

Server cannot be taken in/out of service without impacting message flow

Increasing capacity requires addition of server during maintenance windo